Journal Publications


Current-Dependent Dynamics of Bidirectional Self-Folding for Multi-Layer Polymers Using Local Resistive Heating

Moataz Elsisy, Evan Poska, Moataz Abdulhafez, and Mostafa Bedewy
ASME Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology, 2021

High-Speed Production of Crystalline Semiconducting Polymer Line Arrays by Meniscus Oscillation Self-Assembly

Jisoo Jeon, Alvin T. L. Tan, Jaeyong Lee, Jeong Eun Park, Sukyoung Won, Sanha Kim, Mostafa Bedewy, Jamison Go, Jin Kon Kim, A. John Hart, and Jeong Jae Wie
ACS Nano, 2020

Social-Driven Propagation of Active Learning and Associated Scholarship Activity in Engineering: A Case Study

Renee M. Clark, Samuel Dickerson, Mostafa Bedewy, Kevin P. Chen, Ahmed Dallal, Andres Gomez, Jingtong Hu, Robert Kerestes and Louis Luangkesorn
International Journal of Engineering Education, 2020

Tailoring Surface Hydrophobicity of Commercial Polyimide by Laser-Induced Nanocarbon Texturing

Moataz Abdulhafez, Angela J. McComb, and Mostafa Bedewy
Journal of Micro and Nano-Manufacturing, 2020

In Situ Measurement of Carbon Nanotube Growth Kinetics in a Rapid Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition Reactor with Multizone Infrared Heating

Moataz Abdulhafez, Jaegeun Lee, and Mostafa Bedewy
Journal of Micro and Nano-Manufacturing, 2019

Carbon-Assisted Catalyst Pre-treatment Enables Straightforward Synthesis of High-Density Carbon Nanotube Forests

Nicholas Dee, Jinjing Li, Alvin Orbaek-White, Christine Jacob, Wenbo Shi, Piran Kidambi, Kehang Cui, Dmitri Zakharov, Nina Janković, Mostafa Bedewy, Cécile Chazot, Jennifer Carpena-Núñez, Benji Maruyama, Eric Stach, Desiree Plata, A. John Hart
Carbon, 2019

Multizone Rapid Thermal Processing to Overcome Challenges in Carbon Nanotube Manufacturing by Chemical Vapor Deposition

Jaegeun Lee, Moataz Abdulhafez, and Mostafa Bedewy
Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, Transactions of the ASME, 2019

Data analytics enables significant improvement of robustness in chemical vapor deposition of carbon nanotubes based on vacuum baking

Jaegeun Lee, Moataz Abdulhafez, and Mostafa Bedewy
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2019

In Situ Mechanochemical Modulation of Carbon Nanotube Forest Growth

Nicholas T. Dee, Mostafa Bedewy, Abhinav Rao, Justin Beroz, Byeongdu Lee, Eric R. Meshot, Cécile A. C. Chazot, Piran R. Kidambi, Hangbo Zhao, Thomas Serbowicz, Kendall Teichert, Prashant K. Purohit, and A. John Hart
Chemistry of Materials, 2019

Promoting Helix-Rich Structure in Silk Fibroin Films through Molecular Interactions with Carbon Nanotubes and Selective Heating for Transparent Biodegradable Devices

Se Youn Cho, Moataz Abdulhafez, Min Eui Lee, Hyoung-Joon Jin, and Mostafa Bedewy
ACS Applied Nano Materials, 2018

Modular assembly of a protein nanotriangle using orthogonally interacting coiled coils

Won Min Park, Mostafa Bedewy, Karl K. Berggren, and Amy E. Keating
Scientific Reports, 2017

Real Time Imaging of Self-Organization and Mechanical Competition in Carbon Nanotube Forest Growth

Viswanath Balakrishnan*, Mostafa Bedewy* (*equal contributions), Eric R. Meshot, Sebastian W. Pattinson, Erik S Polsen, Fabrice Laye, Dmitri Zakharov, Eric A. Stach, and A. John Hart
ACS Nano, 2016

Measurement of the Dewetting, Nucleation, and Deactivation Kinetics of Carbon Nanotube Population Growth by Environmental Transmission Electron Microscopy

Mostafa Bedewy, Viswanath Balakrishnan, Eric R. Meshot, Dmitri Zakharov, Eric A. Stach, and A. John Hart
Chemistry of Materials, 2016

Highly Consistent Atmospheric Pressure Synthesis of Carbon Nanotube Forests by Mitigation of Moisture Transients

Jinjing Li, Mostafa Bedewy, Alvin White, Erik S. Polsen, Sameh Tawfick, and A. John Hart
The Jounral of Physical Chemistry C, 2016

Morphology-Dependent Load Transfer Limits the Strength of Carbon Nanotube Yarns

Abhinav Rao, Sameh Tawfick, Mostafa Bedewy, and A. John Hart
Extreme Mechanics Letters, 2016

Strain Relaxation and Resonance of Carbon Nanotube Forests under Electrostatic Loading

Assaf Ya'akobovitz, Mostafa Bedewy, Abhinav Rao, and A. John Hart
Carbon, 2016

Electrostatic Capacitance and Faraday Cage Behavior of Carbon Nanotube Forests

Assaf Ya'akobovitz, Mostafa Bedewy, and A. John Hart
Applied Physics Letters, 2015

Scaling the Stiffness, Strength, and Toughness of Ceramic-Coated Nanotube Foams into the Structural Regime

Anna Brieland-Shoultz*, Sameh Tawfick*, Sei Jin Park* (* equal contribution), Mostafa Bedewy, Matthew R. Maschmann, Jeffery W. Baur, and A. John Hart
Advanced Functional Materials, 2014

Synergetic Chemical Coupling Controls the Uniformity of Carbon Nanotube Microstructure Growth

Mostafa Bedewy*, Brittan Farmer*, (* equal contribution), and A. John Hart
ACS Nano, 2014

Growth of Primary Motor Neurons on Horizontally Aligned Carbon Nanotube Thin Films and Striped Patterns

Megan J. Roberts, Michelle K. Leach, Mostafa Bedewy, Eric R. Meshot, Davor Copic, Joseph M. Corey, and A. John Hart
Journal of Neural Engineering, 2014

Local Relative Density Modulates Failure and Strength in Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes

Siddhartha Pathak, Nisha Mohan, Elizabeth Decolvenaere, Alan Needleman, Mostafa Bedewy, A. John Hart, and Julia R. Greer
ACS nano, 2013

Measurement of Carbon Nanotube Microstructure Density by Optical Attenuation and Observation of Size-Dependent Density Variations

Sei Jin Park, Aaron J. Schmidt, Mostafa Bedewy, and A. John Hart
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2013

High-Speed in Situ X-Ray Scattering of Carbon Nanotube Film Nucleation and Self-Organization

Eric R. Meshot, Eric Verploegen, Mostafa Bedewy, Sameh Tawfick, Arthur R. Woll, Katherine S. Green, Marianne Hromalik, Lucas J. Koerner, Hugh T. Philipp, Mark W. Tate, Sol M.Gruner, and A. John Hart
ACS nano, 2012

Four degree of freedom liquid dispenser for direct write capillary self-assembly with sub-nanoliter precision

Justin Beroz, Mostafa Bedewy, Michael Reinker, Vipul Chhajer, Shorya Awtar, and A. John Hart
Review of Scientific Instruments, 2012

Photoconductive Hybrid Films via Directional Self-Assembly of C60 on Aligned Carbon Nanotubes

Eric R. Meshot, Keval D. Patel, Sameh Tawfick, K. Anne Juggernauth, Mostafa Bedewy, Eric A. Verploegen, Michaël F. L. De Volder, and A. John Hart
Advanced Functional Materials, 2012

Population Growth Dynamics of Carbon Nanotubes

Mostafa Bedewy, Eric R. Meshot, Michael J. Reinker, and A. John Hart
ACS Nano, 2011

Multidirectional Hierarchical Nanocomposites Made by Carbon Nanotube Growth within Layer-by-Layer-Assembled Films

Jinjing Li, Sudhanshu Srivastava, Jong G. Ok, Yongyi Zhang, Mostafa Bedewy, Nicholas A. Kotov, and A. John Hart
Chemistry of Materials, 2011

Measurement of the Lengthening Kinetics of Vertically Aligned Nanostructures by Spatiotemporal Mapping of Height and Orientation

Eric R. Meshot, Mostafa Bedewy, Kevin M. Lyons, Arthur R. Woll, K. Anne Juggernauth, Sameh Tawfick, and A. John Hart
Nanoscale, 2010

Collective Mechanism for the Evolution and Self-Termination of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube Growth Copy

Mostafa Bedewy, Eric R. Meshot, Haicheng Guo, Eric A. Verploegen, Wei Lu, and A. John Hart.
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2009