Dr. Bedewy Co-Chairs an NSF workshop on Additive Manufacturing

Dr. Bedewy Co-Chairs an NSF workshop on Additive Manufacturing

Dr. Bedewy co-chaired an NSF workshop titled “ACCELERATING NSF RESEARCH IN ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING TOWARD INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS”, which was held in Pittsburgh over two days (August 17-18, 2017) with Dr. Wei Xiong as chair.  In addition to Dr. Xiong and Dr. Bedewy, the organizing committee included Dr. Zhijian Pei (Texas A&M University), Dr. Alaa Elwany (Texas A&M University), and Dr. Howard A. Kuhn (University of Pittsburgh)

According  to its website, the objective of the this workshop, which was organized in collaboration with America Makes, is “to provide an interaction venue for NSF supported researchers in additive manufacturing (AM) and representatives of relevant industries. This workshop is a means by which attendees from industry are exposed to the most recent results of basic additive manufacturing (AM) research, while basic researchers have the unique opportunity to hear application-oriented perspectives and challenges. Targeted dissemination of NSF-funded research results to the most likely beneficiaries in industry will enable forging new academia-industry collaborations.”

On August 18, Dr. Bedewy chaired the session on Additive Manufacturing Processes, and also delivered the closing remarks for the workshop.


Photographs from the workshop. (a) Group photograph for attendees. (b) Interactions and discussions during poster sessions and breaks. (c) Presentation sessions


Final report of the workshop can be downloaded from the workshop website. Here.

More information about this workshop can be found here.