Carbon nanotubes


Scaling the Stiffness, Strength, and Toughness of Ceramic-Coated Nanotube Foams into the Structural Regime

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Synergetic Chemical Coupling Controls the Uniformity of Carbon Nanotube Microstructure Growth

Mostafa Bedewy*, Brittan Farmer*, (* equal contribution), and A. John Hart
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Growth of Primary Motor Neurons on Horizontally Aligned Carbon Nanotube Thin Films and Striped Patterns

Megan J. Roberts, Michelle K. Leach, Mostafa Bedewy, Eric R. Meshot, Davor Copic, Joseph M. Corey, and A. John Hart
Journal of Neural Engineering, 2014

Fast Imaging of Carbon Nanotube Nucleation and Growth Processes using Environmental TEM

Dmitri N. Zakharov, Mostafa Bedewy, Cory Czarnik, A. John Hart, Shigeki Misawa, Eric A. Stach
Microscopy & Microanalysis, 2014

Local Relative Density Modulates Failure and Strength in Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes

Siddhartha Pathak, Nisha Mohan, Elizabeth Decolvenaere, Alan Needleman, Mostafa Bedewy, A. John Hart, and Julia R. Greer
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Measurement of Carbon Nanotube Microstructure Density by Optical Attenuation and Observation of Size-Dependent Density Variations

Sei Jin Park, Aaron J. Schmidt, Mostafa Bedewy, and A. John Hart
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