Scanning probe microscopy


Modular assembly of a protein nanotriangle using orthogonally interacting coiled coils

Won Min Park, Mostafa Bedewy, Karl K. Berggren, and Amy E. Keating
Scientific Reports, 2017

Growth of Primary Motor Neurons on Horizontally Aligned Carbon Nanotube Thin Films and Striped Patterns

Megan J. Roberts, Michelle K. Leach, Mostafa Bedewy, Eric R. Meshot, Davor Copic, Joseph M. Corey, and A. John Hart
Journal of Neural Engineering, 2014

High-Speed in Situ X-Ray Scattering of Carbon Nanotube Film Nucleation and Self-Organization

Eric R. Meshot, Eric Verploegen, Mostafa Bedewy, Sameh Tawfick, Arthur R. Woll, Katherine S. Green, Marianne Hromalik, Lucas J. Koerner, Hugh T. Philipp, Mark W. Tate, Sol M.Gruner, and A. John Hart
ACS nano, 2012